Tree Care & Tree Management Services

Tree in need of some TLC

Trees can mostly look after themselves and a naturally growing tree is usually the healthiest and best looking, but sometimes, especially in an urban or garden environment, they need a little TLC.

We can provide advice and, where needed, active, hands-on management to keep trees healthy, looking good and safe.

  • Tree Inspections
  • Tree Felling
  • Crown Thinning, Lifting & Shaping
  • Dead Branch Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Logs and Wood Chippings

Problem Trees

Large trees in poor condition or in the wrong place can be  a danger to property or even life!  For a prompt service  Contact us

Tree with dead branches

Tree Inspections

A tree survey or inspection may be required for insurance or planning purposes or just for  safety and peace of mind.  A survey will include the location and description of the tree, determine its current condition, future growth potential and likely effect on its surroundings.


Dead Branch Removal

As well as being unsightly and potential hazardous, dead branches can encourage harmful insect infestation and disease.  Trees naturally recover in time but we can help nature along by removing large dead branches and speeding up the tree's natural healing.

Tree Felling

While cutting down a tree is, or should be, a last resort, it may be necessary if a tree is dead or seriously diseased.  A tree that is leaning heavily or or likely to damage nearby structures or block drains may have to be felled.  It is generally better to fell a tree than to allow it fall!

Tree Care & Pruning

Pruning a tree

Crown Thinning

This is the removal of a proportion of smaller branches to produce a uniform density of foliage and even branch structure.  It is often done to allow more light through and to reduce the weight or wind resistance of the tree.  Regular crown thinning may be necessary on trees with rapid growth.


Crown Lifting or Raising

Crown lifting is the removal of low hanging branches, usually to improve access or light transmission around the tree.  We avoid removing primary branches from the trunk wherever possible to minimise damage.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the removal of outer branches to reduce the height or spread of a tree.  This may be done to reduce stress on the tree's structure, to make it more suited to its immediate location or to improve light transmission for other vegetation.

Further services

Stump Grinding

After a tree has been cut down the remaining stump and roots are difficult to remove and can take many years to break down naturally.  And in the mean-time they can become a home for pests and may even produce new shoots!  Our stump grinder basically shreds the stump to below ground level, turning into wood chippings and leaving you with level and (mostly) useable ground again.

Hedge Trimming

Clipping a few meters of privet twice a year isn't a big deal for most gardeners but very high or long hedges, or those around commercial properties can be a problem. 

We can carry out anything from regular trimming and maintenance to reduction, re-shaping, laying or complete removal.

Fencing and Decking  [more here]

We can build all types of fencing: wooden or concrete posts, flat panels, picket fences, chain link, weave fences, gates and gate posts.

Natural wooden decking can be a more flexible option than a stone patio particularly in steeply sloping areas.  We can build both hardwood and pressure treated softwood decking in gardens of all shapes and sizes.


Logs and Wood Chippings

As you might expect, in our work we collect a lot of logs and wood chippings which we're we're happy to sell on.  Call or email for availability and pricing.


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